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FAQ - Answers to your questions

Everything you always wanted to know

What does "PREMIUM psychic" mean?

Psychics with the "PREMIUM" badge are recognized for their extensive experience and exceptional quality of service. They have demonstrated a high level of expertise and customer satisfaction, setting them apart from other psychics. Due to their expertise and the value they provide, the rates for PREMIUM psychics can go up to 5 credits.

Choosing a PREMIUM psychic means opting for a superior quality consultation.

Which divinatory speciality should I choose?

Here are the 3 main divination methods, the most popular ones:
- Cartomancy, using tarot cards and oracles, is perfect for answering questions about future situations. The Tarot de Marseille is particularly popular.
- Astrology: ideal for deciphering the stars. It's popular for assessing your love compatibility or predicting major events in your life based on your astral chart.
- Numerology, which is based on the vibrations of numbers to reveal valuable insights. It's invaluable for precise predictions.

How do I choose the right psychic?

We know how difficult the choice is, so here's our advice:
- Clearly identify your needs: love, money, family, work...
- Let yourself be guided by the divinatory method that attract you the most: tarot, numerology, astrology, pure clairvoyance,...
- Consult psychics' profiles to read the reviews of people who, like you, were looking for answers

What types of clairvoyance are available?

We offer a variety of divinatory methods, including tarology, astrology, numerology and more, for in-depth consultations.